Tad Morose – “St.Demonius”


Tad Morose – “St.Demonius” (Despotz Records)

Continuing their amazing comeback from 2013’s “Revenant” comes “St.Demonius”, which takes us back to the classic early releases of Tad Morose. Formed in the early 90s, this Swedish prog / modern metal band were just a little ahead of the pack, getting signed to Century Media and once vocalist Urban Breed was on board, things really started to take off for them, playing all over the world at Wacken, Milwaukee Metal Fest, Prog Power USA and Sweden Rock! Parting ways with Breed in 2003, a logistically ill fated replacement in US based Joe Comeau (ex Annihilator, ex Overkill, ex Liege Lord) resulted in the band being dropped and thereafter a 10 year absence from the scene. Still, “St.Demonius” proves that Tad Morose have lost none of their touch, and moreover still continue to play in their classic epic modern metal style with hints of prog! Now with Ronny Hemlin (ex Steel Attack) joining sole founder guitarist Christer ‘Krunt’ Andersson the band return to the road once more with this 8th album. Despite their style, Tad Morose have gone for a more stripped down approach in losing the keyboards in favor of bringing the rhythmic aspect of the dual guitars more to the fore, resulting in a far more heavy and driving sound on songs like the slow n brooding ‘Day Of Reckoning’ or the fast n furious ‘The Shadows Play’, with its machine gun licks and stampeding double bass drumming from longtime drummer Peter Morén! If questions arise over atmosphere then this is where Hemlin’s superb soprano vocals come into play, adding flair and panache in his soulful melodies, soaring range and naturally, his screams like on the epic ‘Fear Subside’. With the new line-up completed by bassist Tommi Karppanen (ex Morgana Lefay) and guitarist Kenneth Jonsson (ex Torch), expect a less complicated, more melodic yet heavier Tad Morose this time round!

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