TALES OF DELIRIA “Beyond The Line”

“Beyond The Line”
(ToReact Records)
Another band that is clearly inspired by what At The Gates managed to let loose with “Slaughter Of The Soul”. Not that I’m complaining. If that only means that we get to enjoy metal that tries to improve on what At The Gates started then I’m there all the way to the end. Tales Of Deliria aren’t straight outta the ATG box. There are elements that sets them apart. The tempo isn’t as furious and the guitars twist and turn a bit more but the basics are there. But the attack is the same. I also get a Meshuggah light feeling listening to this album. Anything that even the slightly resembles a Swedish band can’t be bad. Throw in some Death in the mix and you get a pretty good picture of where to find Tales Of Deliria. This is some pretty cool death metal if you like it on the more technical side of things. Anders Ekdahl

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