TALES OF GAIA ”Hypernova”

(Fighter Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is an album I have no expectations on at all. I just hope that TALES OF GAIA will take me on an epic metal journey. That’s all. I don’t demand anything else. If I get entertained I am pleased. But they have to be really bloody awful not to entertain me. I am quite easily entertained. I am not the most patient man on earth so I like my music to start going for the throat immediately. I am not one for long intros. Which TALES OF GAIA had in the first proper song. But once it got started it was a power metal treat. Kinda like early Helloween without sounding too much like Helloween. But it is in that ball park that this band moves musically. And as much as I love early Helloween I find myslf liking this. There is an energy to it that is nice. Anders Ekdahl

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