TALIA “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”

“Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”
(Pavement Entertainment)

Battle Helm Rating

This is TALIA’s fourth EP since 2008. Why they have released that many Eps I have no idea. This is a classic three-piece band. Apparently they are French American but when you look them up on the net you find that the website fir the band is all in French. To be honest I have no real idea where to place TALIA musically. I get punk vibes from them. I get KISS vibes from them. I get alt rock vibes from them. I haven’t really decided what I think of this. I kinda expected more from something that Steve Albini has produced but that might have been my mistake. I hear things on this EP that I like but I need to hear more before I deliver my final verdict. As of now this is interesting. Anders Ekdahl

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