TALISMAN STONE “Lovecraftopolis”

This might just be a strange coincidence but after having heard none Italian bands with two bass players I know have heard two; Riti Occulti and TALISMAN STONE. I have no problem with there being no guitar. What matters in the end is if the music is good and if the songs are worth spending time on. Everything else is almost secondary. I like bands that question the traditional way of doing things. Who says that guitar, bass and drums is the right way to go. Why not try something different to see if that can’t work too. It just takes some getting used to. And where else but in stoner does a guitar-less ensemble seem like a good idea. Musically this is on the heavier side of things. Almost doomy you could say. As I’m a huge doom-head this suits me just fine. See me bop my head in approval. Anders Ekdahl

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