Tantara – “Based On Evil”

Tantara – “Based On Evil” (Indie Recordings)

With no less than Flemming Rasmussen producing this album, it comes as no surprise that this young Norwegian band sound uncannily like late 80s Metallica! But given that old school thrash be Tantara’s game, then sounding like ‘Liberty…’ era thrash is certainly a way to make a name, especially if you chuck in some evil Slayer riffs, Sean Killian (Vio-lence) style screaming vocals and some fine Norge melodies. Tantara certainly make a good show of it all, effortlessly melding those distinct styles into fast, chugging songs that pile on riff after catchy riff on songs like ‘Mass Murder’, ‘Trapped In Bodies’ and ‘Prejudice Of Violence’. Whilst I doubt if Flemming has discovered the next successor to Ulrich & co, I bet the energy and thrash style of Tantara certainly brings back a few pleasant memories for him! Had “Based On Evil” come out during that time, I would imagine Tantara would be thrash gods now lol but alas they will haveta contend presently in being diligent students albeit with the talent for more to be heard from them.

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