TAPESTRY ”Ghost Of Me”

”Ghost Of Me”

Battle Helm Rating

I often ask for more hardcore records to come my way. Not because I am the greatest connoisseur but because I want to hear more cool stuff. TAPESTRY from Australia are perhaps not the kind of hardcore I am looking for. I want to get more stuff in the vein of Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All and bands like that. But when they don’t want to show up I have to do with TAPESTRY. And it is not a bad replacement. Hell, this could be a starting player. This is not pure hardcore. It is more post hardcore. It has the spirit of hardcore but mixes different styles and emotions. If you have issues with music that goes from intense to soft and back all over the place then this is not for you. I am not saying this is night time music but this is the kind of stuff I like to listen to when I come home from work at night. Anders Ekdahl

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