Taphos Nomos – “West Of Everything Lies Death”


Taphos Nomos – “West Of Everything Lies Death” EP (Hammerheart Records)

As if wanting to take doom death to its most decayed form, Taphos Nomos have produced one of the most extreme releases this year bar none! No doubt mixing in many elements that would be more associated with black metal, along with a fascination in Pre-Hadean geology has resulted in a gargantuan, primordial sound that is nothing short of cataclysmic. Like two planets colliding and that would be a start! With the band aptly named to match their titanic sound, expect guttural grizzly bear vocals transitioning as if by possession into haunting, trippy vocals that could have been voiced by the fallen angel himself and banshee type wails from the aptly named Mountain of Doom. But even more titanic is the raw reverberating bass from Tectonic Mastication melded with the ultra heavy n raw guitar of Canyon Shifter – at times becoming so pulverized it’s hard to discern between the two! With the only sane dude seemingly in the normally named Arthur Rainbridge, even he goes apeshit Chris Reifert style when not induced into a caveman thumping slumber. Surprisingly there is a keyboardist in Sylvan Spectercraft somewhere in the Herculean noise, adding atmosphere to the dark melodies that keep this EP from being a total corpse. That’s precisely what makes Taphos Nomos, who seemingly formed out’ve nowhere a coupla years back so special and in league with the likes of Necros Christos, Crowbar and Autopsy. Just check out these song titles ‘Pyroclastic Flow (Hellbent On Destruction)‘, ‘Swallowed In Boiling Kaolinite‘ and ‘Mycelium – Corrupted Corpse‘ for no further proof of a band that cuts it massively as they state it!

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