TARANTULA “Spiral Of Fear”

“Spiral of Fear”
(Rock It Up/Ice Warrior)
I am a sucker for a really good heavy metal album. My love for heavy metal will never go away no matter how many death or black metal albums I get subjected to. Tarantula might not be as deadly as the spider they’ve named themselves after but it sure bites really hard. This is heavy metal that is shaped after the old formula. Guitars that bites and vocals that doesn’t require ear plugs to handle. This is very power driven metal the way I like it. There is a darkness to the music that brings it character. It’s not as sunny as for example early Hammerfall even if both bands move in pretty much the same circles. That alone adds to the experience. You don’t feel like you need to put on your happy face when you listen to this album. You can be yourself in its company. Another good heavy metal album to add to the collection. Anders Ekdahl

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