Tarja – “Act II”

Tarja – “Act II”  2CD\3LP\DVD\Blu-ray\Limited Mediabook 2CD+2BD (earMUSIC) 

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Following on from her worldwide success with her first live release, Tarja has wasted no time in issuing this monster follow up! Taking in 2 live sets filmed in London and Milan (with the Limited Edition including 2 further live shows filmed at the Hellfest and Woodstock Festivals!), totalling 20 tracks, Tarja’s tour took in 200 shows in 40 countries in front of 1 million people – or put it another way, she circled the world for 7 ½ times and travelled over 300,000 km!! Renowned in her early career as Nightwish’s singer, Tarja has since steadily built her solo career on a very classy brand of adult rock befitting her soprano status which is amply evident across the tracks here. Deliberately chosen to showcase two very different live performances, the material here is equally diverse from sultry rockers to gothic pieces, symphonic rock and operatic mini concertos – all delivered consistently and with note by note perfection thanks to this lady’s tremendous voice and regal stage presence. Overtly feminine in her delivery and unashamedly so, Tarja’s stage confidence is acknowledged by the enthralled audience and backed by her equally talented band, so prepare yourself for yet another captivating experience from this truly impressive woman! As the piano intro gives way to crunching rock riffs on ‘Eagle Eye’, you are lured in by Tarja’s soulful voice and soon become bedazzled as the moving, catchy chorus hooks you in effortlessly amid her heartbreaking croons. Hitting the pedal on the chugging rocker ‘Shameless’ , Tarja’s soprano highs lift the song like a rocket as she hits the atmospheric high on another catchy chorus – and of course, sending me and the audience there too (judging by the massive roars) as the hard hitting drums and contrasting guitar add even more drama – awesome! Definitely not forgetting her classics, ‘Die Alone’ is another tumultuous number featuring a hard back beat laced splendidly by her flowing melodies although she never lets the crowd off, frequently engaging and motivating them to join in as the orchestrals go into full motion as the song draws to an overpowering climax. If “Act I” was a resounding success, then this follow up is an absolute must!!!!

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