TAUNTED “9 Sins”

“9 Sins”
I’m sorry to say that I’ve lost touch with the whole Bay Area scene (if there is such a thing nowadays). In the late 80s/early 90s that area was the place to be if you wanted to catch some really cool thrash metal. Metallica and Testament had broken big (on different levels) and we saw a ton of cool bands trying to break out of the underground. That I have missed out on TAUNTED’s two previous albums doesn’t bother me too much because when I listen to this album I get flashbacks of hearing Testament or Exodus for the first time. Or Death Angel or Forbidden for that matter. There is a classic Bay Area thrash feel to the sound of TAUNTED that is deeply embedded in me from overdosing on Exodus and Forbidden albums. But this album also works for those too young to remember the old days. This proves that thrash is timeless. Anders Ekdahl

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