Battle Helm Rating

For some reason I always place this Dutch band in France. That is the kind of vibe I get from them, that they should be of French origin. But it is no loss that they are Dutch. A country that has given us some really cool bands like The Gathering, Within Temptation, Gorefest, Pestilence, Legion Of The Damned and the list goes on. TEASE AND DENIAL are more on the artsy side of things. More Sonic Youth than The Sonics. For some reason the Swedish band The Souls popped up. There is that off beat feel to this that The Souls had. Add to it a White Miles head on approach, Nina Hagen’s refusal to be mainstream and some sort of melodic sensibility and you got a band that isn’t afraid to stand out. This is the kind of band that defies categorization. You either like for what it is or not. Anders Ekdahl

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