TELE.S.THERION ”Luzifers Abschied”

”Luzifers Abschied”
(Minotauro Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I love avant-garde black metal as much as the next guy. No, really. I love it. How you take the conventional and turn it into something twisted and most often beautiful. I love how Celtic Frost went from straight in your face to being an entirely different beast, yet so enjoyable. I love how Mayhem went from doing what is the most influential black metal album to being what they are today. I have been aware of TELE.S.THERION for a while now but never had the chance to really delve deep into their universe until this new album dropped in on me. Back in the 90s I was hugely into the ambient scene and one of my fave pets back then was Abruptum. Listening to the opening track on this album is like being brought back to that time. Some would say that this is not really music, just pure noise. I will not make that judgment. This is to me like being right in the middle of a nightmare. The sonic terror that this infuses in me is the equivalent of being trapped in a horror movie. And since I like a really good horror movie I find pleasure in listening to this even though it is nothing close to either Celtic Frost or Mayhem. Anders Ekdahl

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