Telepathy – “Tempest”

Telepathy – “Tempest” (Golden Antenna Records)

Battle Helm Rating

As per its apt cover, this stunning sophomore has been long awaited by those touched by the tumultuous grace of Telepathy’s concept debut “12 Areas” in 2014. A post metal band, this brilliant quartet also roll in progressive elements and down tuned sludge to make for a heady mix of stormy songs that take you on a journey of a person beset with grief and faced with total isolation after awaking from a great flood. Powerfully atmospheric, the 8 tracks take you through the emotional states of awakening, desolation and final acceptance, made all the more potent given they are in the main instrumentals. As such the music is nothing short of breathtaking. To say Telepathy concentrate on the details is an understatement given the talent inherent in the deep composing and intricate arrangements here, not to mention the musicianship involved to actually carry it all through to a perfect performance. Heavy and demanding, the miracle of “Tempest” is that it never lets you go rather like the wretched soul in question, and as you experience crushing waves of sludge amid furious metallic shoegaze riffing, you soon feel the anguish under the sonic weight of tracks like ‘Smoke From Distant Fires’, ‘Water Divides The Tide’ and ‘Echo of Souls’ – the sole vocal track sounding like it’s screaming from hell itself. Utterly mesmerizing, Telepathy match their musical brilliance with an immersive and intense live show so I look forward to seeing big things happening for these guys given this awesome release.

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