(PlateXII Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not familiar with any one of these two US bands. I have seen their names floating about in the black metal underground but I haven’t checked them out for various reasons. But when this split 12” came my way for review I felt it was time to correct that mistake. The TELOCH VOVIN track/side is a 12 minutes long journey. As I am new to their black metal I have no idea how this track compares to the other stuff they release but if it is anything like this I need to check it out immediately. This is top notch black metal. The GRAVE GNOSIS track on the other hand seem to be more traditional black metal. This is also a 12 minutes track. What I do like about the GRAVE GNOSIS track is that it is a full on attack kinda track. Both bands show with this release that I have missed out on two very cool black metal bands and that I need to do something about it at once. Anders Ekdahl

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