TEMPEL OF NIHIL ” Soul Extremist”

” Soul Extremist”
(Symbol Of Domination)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a band name that I have seen before. But looking through the archive at battlehelm.com I cannot find that I have done anything on them before. So this is gonna be my virgin flight on the TEMPEL OF NIHIL airline. This is only an EP but I still feel that it is an appropriate way to start my journey with TEMPEL OF NIHIL. And seeing as this is supposedly the debut release from the band there is not much else to choose from. This is heavy black metal in the Norwegian school of Gorgoroth and the likes. I am not saying that being repetitive is something wrong or even boring but that is what this is, it is repetitive. But in a good way. And that is what I like about the Norwegian sound of Burzum or early Mayhem. How they could make it interesting and cool. Anders Ekdahl

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