TEMPERANCE “Of Jupiter And Moons”

“Of Jupiter And Moons”
(Scarlet Records)

Battle Helm Rating

it is such a relief when a band comes along that I am familiar with. Italian TEMPERANCE has been featured previously here on battlehelm.com. I interviewed them back in 2016. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. It is now 2018 and here I sit with a new album to review. TEMPERANCE utilizes the dual male/female vocals but not in the beauty and beast style that is so commonly used. No, here we get two clear voices. It adds quite a bit of charm. Musically this is melodic heavy metal. Sure, there are moments when they drift towards Nightwish but then it is more latter day Nightwish. And since it is so good there is nothing to complain about. This is up tempo, high spirited heavy metal with really nice melodies. This is an album that makes me happy. There is a positive spirit to it that is hard to not take in. Anders Ekdahl

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