Temperance – “Viridian”

Temperance – “Viridian” (Napalm Records)
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Well, if Amaranthe can do it, so can we! Certainly, the comparisons are undeniable given the use of 3 vocalists (2 male and 1 female), with the band members having at least 10 years prior experience and most of all, their killer mix of melodic metal, passionate pop and catchy dance beats. However, thanks to the massive amounts of talent inherent in this Italian band, Temperance are certainly no mere (carbon) copy. Indeed, “Viridian” is a huge release, its 11 irresistible tracks containing many stylistic variations additionally including hard rock, symphonic and power metal – but in all cases, Temperance deliver a top performance each and every time that melts your heart and blissfully lifts your soul to the heavens themselves! Rocking in with ‘Mission Impossible’, Alessia Scolletti’s suave vocals immediately get the power groove going before the beautiful, singalong chorus hits home backed by Michele Guaitoli and Marco Pastorino’s manly wails, rasps and roars that add the final touch – and that’s just the opener – wow! Soaring even higher and getting somewhat poppier in the vocals is ‘I Am The Fire’, although not without a deep melodic metal tone adding plenty of passion to keep emotions running high. Throwing in a curveball on the 70s hard rocker ‘Start Another Round’ with its Hammond organ and Purple-esque guitar work, the pumping groove keeps the momentum as Scolletti even adds a few Dio like touches in her vocals – very classy indeed! Putting in their nomination for the Eurovision Song Contest on ‘My Demons Can’t Sleep’ where fast drums and electro beats pump the catchy vibe, it’s the dual males that take the lead this time with plenty of manly heart and soul in their vocals, uniting with Scolletti for the dynamite chorus that is simply overwhelming making “Viridian” an absolute winner!
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