Temple Balls – “Pyromide”

Temple Balls – “Pyromide” (Frontiers Music)
Battle Helm Rating
Oh wow, talk about a red-hot fireball!!! This searing hard rock band from Finland have already made their mark as far as Japan, where rock magazine Burrn! voted Temple Balls as ‘the second brightest hope’ while they were additionally chosen as ‘The Newcomer of the Year’ on Masa Ito’s Rock TV. Opening for bands such as Sonata Arctica, Queen, Deep Purple, and Uriah Heep, Temple Balls supported Battle Beast on their 2017 sold out tour of Finland while venturing on their own for a five-day tour of the Ukraine. Now onto their 3rd release with producer Jona Tee (H.E.A.T), “Pyromide” is eleven in your face, kick ass rockers that will have you shouting it out loud for more! As the twin diamond guitars of Jiri Paavonaho and Niko Vuorela wrap you around their melodic mastery on ‘Long Ways, Long Lies’, Arde Teronen leads the rock out to the anthemic shouted out chorus while Jimi Välikangas (bass) and Antti Hissa (drums) bring on their beat – big time!! Teasing with the ultra-catchy street strutting ‘Bad Bad Bad’, the riffs kick ass as Teronen’s sultry croons and the backing harmonies add their punch to another monster mutha of a song, while the screaming solos do nothing short of igniting your soul right down to the bone – wow. Going deep on ‘What Is Dead Never Dies’ through Välikangas’ twanging bass and Hissa’s neck snapping beat, the guitars add their melodic drive in building to the almighty, air punching chorus powered by an intense mix of throat shredding highs and wailing for the heavens solos – simply orgasmic. Crooning straight into your heart on ‘You Better Run’, the mix of AOR and hard rock is perfect in the just the right places thanks to the award-winning twin guitar power melodies either trading effortlessly with one another or in devastating unison and once again, the incredible mix of lead and backing vocals makes for another irresistible pumping chorus that could bring the roof down in any arena across the world. Nothing short of a top notch release, “Pyromide” is a worthy contender for hard rocker album of the year!!!
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