TEMPLE OF THE MAGGOT “Black Mass Apocalypse”

“Black Mass Apocalypse”
(Unmerciful Death Productions)
This one came highly recommended to me. To me the USBM scene (if there is such a thing) is not made up of one single style of black metal. You got everything from Wolves In The Throne Room’s eco friendliness to the harsh misanthropic Profanatica. Don’t know if there is a black metal scene in Mongolia but Temple of The Maggot are more on the misanthropic side of things. This is black metal that is strong on harsh feelings towards Christianity. I like the aggression that this kind of black metal sends out. There is something about it that appeals to me. Having to control my emotions everyday on work so dealing with people that at times can be so stupid that you wonder how they managed to dress themselves it is nice to find an outlet in an album like “Black Mass Apocalypse”. It is like a Roman gladiator tournament listening to this. Let the slaughter begin. Anders Ekdahl

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