Temple Of The Stars – “Nightspirit”

Temple Of The Stars – “Nightspirit” (Inverse Records)
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Aptly named, this is simply some of the most beautiful music I’ve heard this year. The brainchild of Finnish multi-instrumentalist composer Tobias Tåg, “Nightspirit” is folk rock themed on mythological forest dwellers and ancient wisdom through a nocturnal sound with a hint of mystique. Covering guitars, drums and vocals, Tåg’s skilful use of modern and traditional instruments like the organic flute is really what gives the edge to these highly moving and atmospheric songs, evoking nothing short of bliss through their powerful passion and deep emotion thanks to the instantly catchy folk melodies and harmonies. Unhurried and tranquil, let the serenity and pleasure of songs like ‘Mist Of Morning’ soak into your soul as Tåg’s gentle voice allures you into the woodland magic of mesmerising folk melodies, subtle acoustic guitar and flute delight. Occasionally resonating hardness and power simply through the passion overflowing, the 8 tracks take you on a captivating journey like on the slightly melancholic ‘Chains Of Fate’ that soon becomes uplifting while that air of mystique is resonated throughout thanks to the plucked acoustics, background flute and incredibly touching main melody. Indeed, “Nightspirit” is one of those musical achievements where you (willingly) lose all track of all time as you get caught up in the rapture and ‘Cycles’ is exactly that, a short but powerful folk piece yet echoing so much longer thanks to its possessive flute, atmospheric melodies and Tåg’s silky smooth voice. An utter joy to listen to and co-produced by Mathias Lillmåns (front man of Finntroll and Magenta Harvest), “Nightspirit” is nothing short of perfection in its resulting spirituality.
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