TENEBRA “Through Crying Souls I see What I Was”

“Through Crying Souls I see What I Was”
(Cult Of Parthenope)

Battle Helm Rating

This started its life in Italy in the early 2000s but then relocated to the west coast of Sweden. Looking through the discography I cannot say that I have heard any of the three demos that have been released so far. Thankfully this will all change with this rerelease of the 2007 demo “Through Crying Souls I see What I Was”. For something as old as 13 years this still sounds damn good. If you like black metal that is both raw, primitive and atmospheric then this is one to check out. A bit old school Swedish black metal in the vein of early Marduk is to be found too. All in all this one really knocked the socks of me. I might even try to track down the previous two demos just to check them out too. Anders Ekdahl

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