Tengger Cavalry – “Ancient Call”


Tengger Cavalry – “Ancient Call” (Metal Hell Records)

Warriors of Genghis Khan! Having just won the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle Competition in China, Tengger Cavalry return with their 5th album no less, continuing their ferocious onslaught on the west like their mighty ancestors. Mixing molten metal with ultra powerful Mongolian folk melodies drawn from the steppes songs like ‘Galloping Towards The Great Land’, ‘Summon The Warrior’ and ‘Legend On Horseback’ befit the epic legends from the East forged through time and remain spoken even to this day! Harsh warrior vocals and savage, raw guitars lay waste to all asunder complete with a rhythm that is nothing short of the charge of a 1,000 horses. But even more stirring are those deep, passionate melodies played through asian instruments like the traditional Horse Head Fiddle showing a classy exotic dimension, whilst even more breathtaking are the harmonies sung through the ancient art of Mongolian throat singing, a powerful tribute from a band deeply influenced by Shamanism and Buddhism. These guys are the perfect Eastern counterpart to their Viking and European Folk metal cousins which is easy to why they are garnering increasing interest in the West – I can’t wait to see these guys over here for they are descendants of the same horsemen who rode across the world in the 13th Century to forge the greatest empire on Earth!

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