Tengger Cavalry – “Blood Sacrifice Shaman”

Tengger Cavalry – “Blood Sacrifice Shaman” (Metal Hell Records)

Ever wondered how the Mongol hordes conquered what became the largest empire in history – well take a listen to Tengger Cavalry!!! Ironically formed by a Chinese composer, guitarist and vocalist called Nature Ganganbaigal, whose admiration for nomadic culture led to him forming the band, who are named after the Mongol and Turkic deity Tengri, Tengger Cavalry plays battlefield metal with huge doses of Mongolian folk. Now that’s something you don’t hear any day – let alone everyday! From the famed style of Mongolian throat singing to using traditional instruments like the horse head fiddle and the dombra, Tengger Cavalry mix it magnificently with harsh booming metal riffs and heaps of double bass drumming to literally sound like the thundering charge of a 1,000 horses. Equally, the band excel in capturing the finer and more refined aspects of shamanic trance whose strong hallucinogenic effects evoke vivid feelings of the vast eastern steppes, the land of course that bore the mighty Genghis Khan. Delivering five albums in just as many years of Tengger’s existence, Nature’s drive is almost akin to that of the great Khan, recruiting and replacing band members without changing the constant of being true to Tengri.  “Blood Sacrifice Shaman” is a re-recording of the original 2010 album to give it the true justice of the current band’s capability. Both extreme and yet beautifully exotic, songs like ‘The Wolf Ritual’, ‘Hero’ and ‘Horseman’ have seen the band open for Turisas and play as far afield in China and New York City. There is only one band in the world that currently sound like this and Tengger Cavalry is their name – be prepared to be awed.

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