Tengger Cavalry – “Sunesu Cavalry”

Tengger Cavalry – “Sunesu Cavalry” (Metal Hell Records)

Warriors of Genghis Khan! Based in China but playing folk metal, Tengger Cavalry (named after Tengeri, the father of the Welkin) draw heavily from traditional Mongolian music, shamanism, and north asian mythology – and amazing it is too! I really didn’t think that the quality of metal musicianship in far off and authoritarian places like China would permit a band of Tengger Cavalry’s caliber, but they are like a godsend from the east. Using a fiery brand of pagan metal as their base, Tengger Cavalry then employ traditional sounds like throat singing as well as instruments like the horsehair fiddle and dombra that have been used for thousands of years in this ancient part of the world. There have been hints of this being adopted by European pagan bands but these guys are the real deal – the great spirit on the steppes flows through their stirring warrior melodies on powerful songs like ‘Blade Of Blood’, ‘Galloping Steeds’ and ‘Golden Horde’. Metal Hell Records, who specialize in exotic metal, have done us a big favor bringing “Sunesu Cavalry” to the world. I guarantee you will never have heard anything like this.

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