TEODASIA “Upwards”

Italian female fronted goth/symphonic metal. Does that sound like an enticing thing? If you are like me and dive head first into the pool that is Italian goth/symphonic metal then TEODASIA might be the band for us. This didn’t start as big as I had expected it to. Instead there is an air of restraint to it that makes this stand out amongst all other Italian symphonic gothic metal acts that I’ve heard recently. But the symphonic sound is there if you listen carefully. I’m a dual person. I like it when it is OTT but I also like it when it is more somber and laidback. That makes me a lucky guy because then I get to enjoy so much more cool metal. And cool this is, there’s no question about it. Listening to this I almost get a Pallas feeling around “The Sentinel”. Anders Ekdahl

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