TERATOMA ” In The Inside… Reborn The Flesh”

” In The Inside… Reborn The Flesh”
(Solvak Metal Army/Immortal Souls Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

This is only an EP released at the end of December 2017. The last album was released in 2000. And yet I am new to this band. What a shame really. Because this is ultracool death metal that borders grindcore. If you like your extreme metal brutal then this is for you. If you think the vocals in melodic death metal are for wimps then this is for you. You get everything that is cool with brutal death metal/grindcore on this EP. I like my extreme metal brutal. This is like a punch to the face. And they keep hitting you with every new song. After the 7th song it feels like you’ve been in the ring with a heavy weight champion. And it is a nice feeling. Anders Ekdahl

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