Terminate – “Ascending To Red Heavens”

Terminate – “Ascending To Red Heavens” (Selfmadegod Records)

People who read my reviews know that I’m a sucka for old school Swe-death a la Dismember, Grave and early Entombed. Well clearly I can’t be alone cos Terminate hail from both New York and Chicago and are also purveyors of this fine style! Roaring grizzly bear vocals, filthy distorted guitar blended with insane crusty soloing and rocket barrage rhythms will rattle your goddamn neck on songs like ‘Chainsaw Omega’, ‘The Savage Silence’ and ‘Iron Supremacy’. With scant regard for melody (ha ha) this is the way underground death metal was meant to be played as depicted by Raul Gonzalez’s (Master, Morbus Chron) suitably cataclysmic late 80s cover. A complete face melter.

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