TERRA INCOGNITA ”Fragments Of A Ruined Mind”

”Fragments Of A Ruined Mind”
(Symmetric Records)

Battle Helm Rating

A week without a Greek band would not be a complete week. So this week we turn our attention towards TERRA INCOGNITA. A melodic heavy metal band that formed in 2010 and released their debut in 2011. Six years later we have their second album to enjoy. And enjoy it I do. This is a really good album. At least to my ears. And that is all I really care about. More often than not I feel that even though the music is good many heavy metal bands lack a bit in the vocal department. It must be really hard to find a really good heavy metal vocalist these days. But TERRA INCOGNITA have a vocalist that really roars. Musically this is very Americanized heavy metal. More than one time I find myself thinking Savatage when I listen to this. And that to me is a seal of approval. Anders Ekdahl

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