Terraphobia – “Evilution”

Terraphobia – “Evilution” (Soundmass Records)

Terraphobia is the project of Mike Jelenic, the current drummer for Mortification, who shows the true measure of Aussie man by playing all instruments in this thrash opus par excellence! Melding together guttural vocals, razor sharp riffs, OTT drumming, poignant heavy melodies and firebrand soloing, Jelenic brings the inspiration of the old school in Death, Kreator and Maiden into songs like ‘Hell On Earth’, ‘Golgotha’ and ‘Doctor Death’. This really is a superb album and you wonder how Jelenic has managed to accomplish it all but given he’s been going since 1985 and has pretty much done the rounds from musician to producer to songwriter he’s clearly an accomplished artiste! “Evilution” is grade A thrash so respect to the man on achieving his one man quest especially in the remote and underground world of Aussie metal. Good on ya mate!

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