Terror – “Total Retaliation”

Terror – “Total Retaliation” (Nuclear Blast Records) 

Battle Helm Rating

‘…this time I can’t ignore, muthafucka you’ll get yours!!..’ Man, this could be the year of hardcore, what with Madball’s recent impressive release and now, this 7th album from this fearsome LA crew. Anyone who’s seen these guys live will know why Terror is such a name, built up over 15 years through countless shows delivering intensity and aggression time and again and while I wouldn’t say you don’t feel an air of menace, there’s no doubting the undoubted camaraderie you feel afterwards. This isn’t pleasant music but aggressive metallic hardcore reflecting on street life but more importantly, a strong rallying call to resist the forces tearing society apart so it’s easy to see the appeal, especially given the strength it conveys to the disillusioned and powerless. Still (con)fronted by the visceral Scott Vogel on vocals, it doesn’t take much to ignite the hard and heavy songs here propelled by the incredible slide riffing of twin guitarists Martin Stewart and Jordan Posner, expertly delivered through a mix of different tempos utilising catchy hooks and subtle melodies all backed by the powering precision beat of drummer Nick Jett and new bassist Chris Linkovich. Just check out ‘Behind The Bars’ as those raging guitars laced with chiming melodies and slick breaks mix with Vogel’s perfectly timed roars and all to a catchy groove that reaches deep into you, while the stomping ‘Suffer The Edge Of Time Lies’ might be slower, but is even more irresistible in its beat as it impacts your psyche through screams and roars in a mass tribal shout out! Not just a one trick pony ‘Post Armageddon Interlude’ is in fact a full on gangsta rap piece, but done extremely well in a disturbing ode to the violence of the album’s title. But returning it back to the core is ‘One More Enemy’, a fast raging track with addictive lyrics machined gunned out by Vogel’s rapid fire delivery capturing that quintessential raw anger of hardcore, yet melded skill fully with more catchy beats and some nice bass lines from newbie Chris – an awesome and probably the album’s standout track. “Total Retaliation” is hardcore come of age, proving why Terror are such a tight outfit and rank as one of it’s world leaders – undisputed. 

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