TERRÖRHAMMER ”Under The Unholy Command”

”Under The Unholy Command”
(Deathrune Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Even to this day it is a bit exotic to receive an album by a Balkan band. TERRÖRHAMMER is a Serbian assault team ready to take on the world. This has all the makings of early Sodom/Hellhammer written all over it. Perhaps this will bring up memories of the finest 80s South American deathrash. Or perhaps this will be a totally different beast. Whatever it is I am looking forward to indulge in the universe that is TERRÖRHAMMER. I totally love the early German thrash sound that Sodom/Kreator/Destruction invented. Listening to this album brings back that feel. This is old school thrash of the Teutonic style. This is simple without it being stupid. This is like a fresh injection of old. It also brings back memories of the mid 90s when there were a whole host of bands that sounded old school. This I like. Anders Ekdahl

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