Texas Taliban – “Runs On Hate”

Texas Taliban – “Runs On Hate” EP (Pavement Entertainment)
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Following in the power grooving steps of Texas legends Pantera and the metalcore of Hatebreed comes Texas Taliban, a super group made up of El Paso’s finest. Priding themselves on playing ‘Texas Murder Thrash’, this aptly titled 5 track debut EP does exactly that through the aggro core vocals of Chris Kidwell (Not My Master) and driven by the ugly, chundering guitars of Erich King (Cat As Trophy, D3ATH H3X and Baal) and Hexx Lee (Cat As Trophy), although not without the talent of occasionally dropping in a soulful melody or solo hinting at their panache. Backed by the mean ass rhythm of bassist Crystal Lopez (Cat As Trophy, Extremity, Phantom Flesh) and drummer Ramsey Speed (Cowboys from Hell Paso, Beneath The Chaos, Brother Strange, Hobos), together putting out the neck snapping beats and you can see what all the fuss is about. As if promising anything less, ‘Expect No Mercy’ chops as brutally as the fretboard scaling while Kidwell drawls his profanities all over the song before it explodes in reckless abandon, pumping in catchy grooves alongside meaty punk hooks and raw, shredding guitar. Stomping in aggressively on ‘Supremacy’, the heavy grooves, squealing guitars and Kidwell’s hoarse roar definitely lend to Pantera at their finest, although the melancholic guitar melodies point to Texas Taliban being a band in their own right. Moshing it up on ‘Emerica’, the drum / guitar battery mixes it up superbly in creating a fast, menacing soundscape into which Kidwell chucks in his roars and through some excellent arrangements, makes this another hard to forget song as indeed this sterling EP does for this talented new super group!
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