This Polish act is being described as experimental black metal. I get the general idea of being labeled experimental. I just don’t know what’s wrong with being labeled just black metal. I have no idea what the whole post/experimental thing is all about. Most of the time it is just an empty phrase used to cover up a bands weak attempt at being different. THAW might be different in sound to most other black metal acts in that they are slow, almost to the point of being drone-ish. This isn’t happy music in any meaning of the word. If you are already down and out of luck you really should stay the hell away from this album. It doesn’t get much more depressing than this. But that is also the charm with this album. This is a bleak and depressing as it gets. From here the only way is up. I simply love this kind of melancholia. It is not totally black but instead a grey-ish black. Anders Ekdahl

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