The 69 Eyes – “The Best Of The Helsinki Vampires”

the 69 eyes

The 69 Eyes – “The Best Of The Helsinki Vampires” (Nuclear Blast)

‘, sunglasses on and here we go again: the Helsinki Vampires are BACK!..’ – Jyrki 69. Dark, sultry and simply very cool, The 69 Eyes have been feeding on the Finnish goth underground since the late 80s and today are an international multi platinum band. Right from the days of Scandi sleaze rock popularized by Hanoi Rocks to goths like the Sisters Of Mercy and crossover bands like Lords Of The New Church, The 69 Eyes also take their influence from the darkness of The Doors and The Cult, rolling it altogether over time in their immortal souls to create what is better known today as their goth n roll style. There’s certainly plenty of rock n roll in there giving me the impression that vocalist Jyrki 69 has sharpened his teeth to the baritone sounds of Elvis, Iggy and Billy Idol, giving even metal’s Danzig a serious run to the blood bank! “The Best Of The Helsinki Vampires” is a full on compilation of their very best material, spanning a quarter of a century in the band’s history going right back to 1997’s “Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams”. From then on it’s 28 tracks that roll into you one cascading wave after another of emo heartfelt passion. At times haunting, at times sad, you may even be moved to tears listening to the likes of ‘Brandon Lee’, ‘Lost Boys’ and ‘Rosary Blue’ (also featuring Kat von D on guest vocals). The 69 Eyes have lived through time and their memories are captured here vividly in either deeply romantic songs or their high energy rock n roll. Yet arising as the one constant to it all are Jyrki’s mesmerizing vocals, holding your soul as he reaches into your heart to show you black is back.  The 69 Eyes have risen again. Cool, very cool indeed.

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