THE A.X.E. PROJECT ”Future.Imperfect”

(Art Gates Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I know very little about this one. Yet the band name feels familiar but it could be that I get it confused with a movie I have watched. Musically this gives me some sort of prog vibe. I don’t know if I am right in thinking so. Time will tell me. I am looking forward to dive head first into this album. Sure, there is a prog vibe to this but what there is much more of is a dramatic vibe. You get the beauty and beast vocals, you get clean male vocals and you get a really cool metal album. If you like you metal dramatic then this is well worth checking out. There is so much happening in this that your every need is filled. As I didn’t know what to expect from this my expectations weren’t high. Now that I have heard it I am glad it came my way. This was a cool one. Anders Ekdahl

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