THE AMENTA “Chokehold”

I have no relation whatsoever to The Amenta. I don’t even know if the digital only release is the best place to start with but since it is the only thing I have with The Amenta I have to do with it. I would like to describe this as industrial tinged metal. Not only because they do a cover of a Godflesh track but because there is that whole monotonous repetition that is often associated with industrial labour. In my better moments I can fully appreciate the effort of bands like Godflesh or Einstürzende Neubauten. I can find joy in the monotony of constant repeating beats. I could very well be found blasting this The Amenta release at highest volume just to make a statement about how futile and pointless automated work is. I think I need to dig deeper into the discography of The Amenta. This wetted my appetite. Anders Ekdahl

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