The Arkanes – “W.A.R”


The Arkanes – “W.A.R” (SPV)

The Arkanes are a four-piece rock band from Liverpool, the hard city on the Mersey river that spawned the Beatles, and there’s a hint of them here along with doses of Oasis, Foo Fighters and to a lesser degree, Nirvana. From pseudo psychedelic Sgt Pepper melodies to hard rock out riffing and also some heavy duty drumming courtesy of man mountain Andy Long, The Arkanes role it all together into an indie picnic fest with a straight up, sweat n rock sound. Growing organically after school in 2007, things really took off with guitarist Dylan Cassin, who gave up a place at L.I.P.A, Paul McCartney’s school of music, so that he could join the band on a Benelux tour. At times sounding like Noel Gallagher with a liberal use of wah, his wailing fretboard work and far out solos certainly feature prominently on songs like ‘Sharpshooter’ that won a People’s Music Award, ‘Guilt Trip’ and ‘Paper Planes’. With their track ‘Crash And Burn’ reaching number 1 slot on an LA download chart, they were the first British band ever to ascertain a slot on the NACA University/College circuit in America. From this point, the band’s successes ran far and wide, appearing on BBC Radio Live, SWR 3, Eldoradio, TV Berlin, Harvard/MIT university radio (Boston) and NRW TV, amongst others, supporting bands such as Florence And The Machine and The Automatic and the debut single “Don’t Act Like You Know Me” reaching number 10 in Germany’s Most Requested Song of the Week and number 8 in the “Most Downloaded Single” in early 2011 to warrant renowned label SPV picking them up. Although by no means metal, there’s certainly enough noise being hammered out between Long and Cassin to definitely appeal to those liking their indie rock loud n honest with a lofty ambition to take over the world!

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