THE BLACK RAIN “Night Tales”

“Night Tales”
(Street Symphonies Records)
Italian rock music is not my strongest bit. I know that there is a rock scene (?) going on in Italy but to be honest I feel that that’s more of an internal Italian thing. Not much of it ever gets out to us on the outside. Despite being a diehard metalhead I have my moments when I listen to stuff that at best could be described as borderline hardrock. I can appreciate bands like Radiohead or Franz Ferdinand. But this isn’t even remotely close to those bands. This is so much more bluesy and rootsy. I’ve never been a big ZZ Top fan. I do like some blues but I’ve never really gotten into that whole bluesy hardrock even if I’ve tried with The Black Crows and the likes. Maybe I should give it a real go seeing as I’m kinda feeling blue most of the time anyway. I do like The Black Rain though. Anders Ekdahl

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