THE BLACK SORCERY “…And the Beast Spake Death from Above”

“…And the Beast Spake Death from Above”
(Krucyator Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

This Canadian band play a brand of Black/death metal that feels like a linear descendant of Blasphemy. You know the kind of chaotic, almost incomprehensible noise metal that only the truest of the true underground black/death metal fanatics can appreciate. The dudes and dudettes like me that have been down in the darkest pits of hell and picked up the coolest of the cool bands. As much as I love death and black metal as much does it feel wrong not being able to fully appreciate this to its fullest potential. Simply because I at times feel that this is too chaotic, too cool for its own good. It is not that I find this to be fucking ugly or anything but at times I just wish for a bit less chaos. Still a cool band and an album that is ugly as hell. Anders Ekdahl

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