THE BLEEDING “Rites Of Absolution”

“Rites Of Absolution”

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The familiarity of the this band’s name is a bit confusing for me. I thought I had been in contact with them prior to me doing the interview but apparently I was wrong. That is what happens when there are millions of band names to keep track of; your memory plays tricks on you. And it is not only the band name that has that familiarity feel to it. The music does so too. This is death metal with thrash metal elements. Listening to this is like being taken back to the 90s again. It is old school in feeling but that is the only old school about this. I get blasts of stuff like Bolt Thrower, Benediction and other British death metal from the 90s mixed with German Teutonic thrash. This is not a trip down nostalgia. This is presence and it is bloody fantastic. Anders Ekdahl

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