The Bottle Doom Lazy Band – “2005 – 2020 Doom Over the Years”

The Bottle Doom Lazy Band – “2005 – 2020 Doom Over the Years” (Sleeping Church Records)
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Definitely an unusually named band hailing from the historical French city of Poitiers, more commonly associated with Joan Of Arc and Eleanor of Aquitaine, The Bottle Doom Lazy Band play melancholic doom metal with a psych edge, along with the equally unorthodox vocals of one Benjamin ‘Bottle Ben’ Reverseau, who sounds like a southern Baptist priest who’s indeed been on the piss! Despite only issuing 2 full length albums in their time, perhaps with reference to their name, there’s no denying however, the seasoned talent behind the excellent material captured on this superb 10 track album recorded at several shows over the past 15 years. Opening with a musty bass and feedback before the gargantuan waves of ultra-catchy doom crash in on the 8 minute + ‘Blood For The Bloodking’, there’s no holding back the steaming passion in Bottle Ben’s singing (the gospel) as the down tuned riffs get darker in their droning while the drums smash around them in utter plod pace possession building up to the noise drenched, space rock soaked climax. Grimly riffing in with Tony Iommi certified warbling, the syrup thick guitar sound is to die for on ‘The Dead Can’t Lose Again’ as Bottle Ben lets the spirit run free on this 7-minute chunder graced by an ambient touch in the subtle melodies – rather like flowers at a funeral – while the snare drum threatens to fracture as the slo-mo wah works its way into your brain on this totally far out jam – excellent! With plenty of malevolence exuding from the dark riffs and pounding drums on ‘The Beast Must Die’, Bottle Ben unleashes his own screams to match in between his preaching in telling the tale on this truly atmospheric performance topped off by some stylish Southern soloing to complete the voodoo magic on this number. Despite the range of years between the tracks, remarkably there isn’t a difference in the sound quality between them and as such the energy and vibe of all the performances, bar none, reflect the power and reach of this captivating band, who if I ever get the opportunity to catch live, promise that I will not hit the bottle for!
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