The Browning – “Burn This World”

The Browning
“Burn This World”
(Earache Records)

Straight outta big D (Dallas) comes The Browning – strange name whether it’s from one of the band members streets or the firearms company! Even stranger still is the band’s sound – a mixture of metal and electronica or ‘ravecore’ as they are now being labelled by their fans. Hoarse vocals and chopping riffs are accompanied by electronic trance rhythms on songs like ‘Tragedy Of Perfection’, ‘Dominator’ and ‘Standing On The Edge’. In a way The Browning sorta remind me of 90s electronic bands like Prodigy although the influence of electronica varies greatly in the mix between songs such that some of them are out and out dance whilst others are more trance like. Whilst I don’t feel there’s anything dramatically new here in the music (or the title for that matter), there is obviously a niche for this sorta mix and The Browning have enough firepower to make something of it. I’m just glad they no longer incorporate rap into their fold like they used to LOL!

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