THE COFFEEN “You Must Be Certain Of The Coffeen”

“You Must Be Certain Of The Coffeen”
For some reason I got a very Adams Family meets The Misfits kind of groove when I saw this band’s name. If there isn’t a horror theme to this album and the bands lyrics then I’m so far off that I need to buy a new compass. Not having the lyrics at hand I have idea where I am but just from reading the titles this could be some horror fest or a piss take. Musically this is stoner rock. I like stoner rock more than I liked grunge so I have no problem liking this. The whole doomy groove, laid back slacker thing that is stoner rock has a charm that grunge never did. This is more true to history and Black Sabbath. The way I like my metal hard and heavy. This one turned out to be something that I had never expected it to be just based on the band name and album title. That jsut goes to show that you should never judge a band by its name. Anders Ekdahl

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