The Cory Smoot Experiment – “When Worlds Collide”

The Cory Smoot Experiment – “When Worlds Collide” (Metal Blade Records)

Aka Flattus Maximus, the guitarist from GWAR, Cory Smoot had just finished this solo album before sadly passing away last year. Originally intended to feature a number of guest vocalists from GWAR’s own Dave Brockie and Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe, when scheduling conflicts meant that fell thru, Cory simply took up the handle and did ’em all himself! “When Worlds Collide” is definitely experimental, incorporating a wide range of styles but thankfully all heavily played from deep rumbling bass to double bass drumming from the Crowbar like ‘Fortunate Son’ to the thrashing ‘Mandatory Purgatory’. Cory’s guitar work itself covers the metal spectrum from his Spanish style on ‘Brainfade’ to the funk / death of ‘The Gauntlet’ and elsewhere shredding on the Fear Factory like ‘Religion Is Friction’! Vocally, his work isn’t as strong although it’s definitely suited to the dark metal he has created here, again trying to incorporate a variety of styles. “When Worlds Collide” is a fitting epitaph to him, probably showcasing much more than what the world knew of him and definitely sounding like he’s had a lotta fun doing, the proceeds of which will go to his family, so what more could he ask for?

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