Battle Helm Rating

Every now and then along comes an album that I have no idea where to place even though I like what I hear. THE DAMNATION PROJECT is that album this week. I hear that they are progressive and I like what I hear but I have no idea what bands to refer to. All I can do is enjoy the music and describe as good as possibly. There is a dreamy feeling about this, and in that they remind me of Dream Theater. But this is not as metal as Dream Theater are. Yet that is as good as I get in describing “Reflections” in terms of band references. Other than that this is progressive like the progressive rock that I have heard a thousand times yet cannot put in terms of bands. This review is going well, not. But I do know that I like what I hear even though I have a hard time dropping names. This is for those of you that like your rock/metal progressive. Anders Ekdahl

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