The Dead Daisies – “The Dead Daisies”

the dead daisies

The Dead Daisies – “The Dead Daisies”  (Spitfire Music)

Middle age can be a hard thing to face – I know, I’m fast reaching it lol – you can either fade away quietly or rock until you drop like INXS’s Jon Stevens (a man who’s survived being chased by crocs and open heart surgery), who along with fellow antipodean David Lowy of Mink, formed the The Dead Daisies. Since then the media has piled on, not in the least cos they’ve been joined by Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses), Darryl Jones (The Rolling Stones), Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses) and Charley Drayton (The Cult). With Slash co writing and playing guitar on their first single – ‘Lock N’ Load’ – these flowers are in full bloom! Despite the popular media highlighting this as the next super group I personally don’t see that way but more of a rock star’s retreat, and I mean that in the best possible way cos other than Stevens and Lowy, there is no actual line-up: guys come and go according to the schedule of their main bands and those others have included Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy), Brian Tichy (Whitesnake) and Alex Carapetis (Nine Inch Nails). Musically, it’s going back to 70s inspired blues / hard rock from the Stones inspired ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’ to the INXS like ‘Writing On The Wall’  although the 80s are there too with the aforementioned GnR as well as The Black Crowes on ‘Washington’. With some pure blues coming in on ‘I Can’t Fight This Feeling’ the beauty about his material is that it can be played anywhere from a club to a big venue and even an open air festival. It’s just real playing, probably composed acoustically and it’s honesty shows through with minimal effects – and when you’re in a big band with a trademarked sound, this truly must be an appealing paradise that few could resist. Still, I’d put money down that when the stars have all left and Stevens has a buncha nobodies playing these songs they’ll still sound just as good – even if it’s in a dingy little bar in Darwin!

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