The Defiled – “Daggers”

The Defiled – “Daggers” (Nuclear Blast Records)

The Defiled are the happenin band this side of the Atlantic so it comes as little surprise that NB have snapped this lot up! Winning Metal Hammer’s Golden Gods Award last year, they wasted no time in starting a Pledge campaign for this album the proceeds of which have now gone to the release of their live version of their debut “Grave Times” to coincide with their first US dates. Musically The Defiled should go down a treat playing techo metal core mixing the aggro vocals of Stitch D with AvD’s strong, flowing keyboard harmonies as the rest of the band chop it to the strong grooves of ‘Porcelain’, ‘Five Minutes’ and ‘No Place Like Home’. A veritable melting pot of contemporary styles, they’ve sensibly left it to renowned producer Jason Suecof (All That Remains, Devildriver, Trivium etc etc) to bring out their sound which he’s done big time both for airplay and the arena. The Defiled are the best thing to come outta London in a while, having the stones to seriously take on their Stateside counterparts pound for pound no holds barred!

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