THE DESCENT “Dimensional Matters”

“Dimensional Matters”
(Xtreem Music)
All that I know about The Descent is the things that they said in the interview that I did with them. Yet I can’t help feeling that this album will be a highlight of the year for me. Minor or major time will tell. I’m not too fussy about the music being commercial or not. All I go for is if it is any good. This is metal for those of you whom like me think that In Flames and Dark Tranquillity are the epitome of the Gothenburg sound. Throw in all kinds of bands from Gothenburg (Gardenia, Taetre etc.) with that characteristic sound and you’ll end up with The Descent in the end. I like this. I could listen to this for hours and not tire. Perhaps not the highlight of the year that I had hoped for but a strong enough melodeath album to make it melodeath of the month. Anders Ekdahl

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