THE DOGS DIVINE “Size Of The Fight”

“Size Of The Fight”
(Mortal Music)
I have no preference to either dogs or cats. I’m allergic to both so I stay far away from them. The Dogs Divine makes me think of nothing. If I am supposed to think of big muscles and macho men fighting it out between themselves then the band failed terribly. This sounds very American to me. Nothing wrong with that. I don’t know why but for some reason I can’t shake the feeling that this could be Kid Rock had he gone harder and tougher with his hardrock wannabe alter ego. Or if Molly Hatchet had ditched the boogie part of their southern rock and just gone for the hardrock part. I like that whole southern feeling that “Size Of the Fight” show. There is a groove to this that makes my feet move uncontrollable. I don’t usually don’t dance but I would to this. I’m positively surprised and I like it. Anders Ekdahl

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